Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make Your Own DIY Custom Coin Album

There are many coin albums on the market but they are usually specific to one coin series. Like most coin collectors, your collection probably consists of a wide variety of coins. What do you do with a collection of  dimes, quarters, large cents, coins from other countries, etc. without buying one album for every type? Coin dealers and collectors have made their own albums for years. With a binder, some vinyl pages, 2x2 coin holders, and a stapler you've got everything you need to create a custom do-it-yourself coin album.

Fold and staple 2x2 coin holder
We'll start with the coin holders. These are typically called fold-and-staple 2x2 coin holders because when folded over your coin, they measure two inches square. They are made of cardboard coated with mylar on one side and feature a clear opening in the center. These holders are inexpensive and come in window sizes from dimes to silver dollars. Place the unfolded holder on a flat surface, cardboard side down. Place your coin one of the clear windows and fold the the other half over your coin. Adjust the coin so it is in the center of the window.

Flat Clinch Stapler
Once the coin is positioned in the center of your folded 2x2 holder, you will need to staple the holder to secure the coin. I very much recommend a flat clinch stapler. Unlike the typical office stapler which leaves a rounded staple, a flat clinch leaves a flat staple which makes your coin holders much easier to store. Staple each side of your coin holder, about half way between the edge of the holder and the edge of the coin. Mind the coin of course.

20-pocket coin pages
Now your coin can be placed into its page. The 20-pocket vinyl coin pages are designed to hold fold-and-staple 2x2s like the one you just made. I like the top-loading pages. Each holder slides into the pocket from the top and the pocket features a thumb cut on the bottom to easily access the holder.

Finally, place the pages into a 3-ring binder and there your have it, your custom coin album.


  1. Cool. I guess I did it wrong. I bought the 20 pocket vinyl coin pages but just put the coin inside of it and then they fell out even though I was careful. I now have put tape on the top of each one (a label identifier). Probably the wrong thing to do but it is keeping them in and organized. Thanks for your write up.

  2. This is buy it and do it. Not DIY!!!! Grrrr!