Monday, January 7, 2013

Lucky Money and Uncut Sheets of US Currency

Imagine the surprised and likely suspicious looks you’ll get when you clip a $20 bill from an uncut sheet of currency and hand it to a cashier. Actually this stunt will probably get you some unwanted attention from security.  The US Bureau of Engraving andPrinting at the aptly named URL, sells uncut sheets of US currency.  These sheets come at a premium and are suitable for framing, clipping, even gift wrap.

In addition, the BEP sells “Lucky Money,” bills with serial numbers beginning with “8888” or “168” complete with special packaging. From the description if the Prosperity Forever Note:

Achieve a lifetime of good fortune and success with the Prosperity Forever Note.  This uncirculated $1 note is beautifully packaged with decorative Chinese symbolism capturing the significance of the number "168."

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