Friday, January 4, 2013

Coin Photography - Part 2, Digital Camera

As I wrote in Part One, I’ve been experimenting with coin photography with a USB microscope. I was able to get a sharp image but was having trouble getting the color right. I know people have been successful with these scopes, see for some great advice.  

I’m now working with the Olympus FE 3000 point and shoot digital camera that I received for Christmas. One thing leads to another and I needed a tripod or copy stand to keep the camera steady. I found one like this at our local Porters Camera store.

Using the camera’s self-timer and no flash, I’m pretty happy with the sharpness and color of this 1957 D Lincoln Cent reverse. However, that is supposed to be a white piece of paper in the background. The people at advise using a 5000k compact fluorescent bulb. One of my goals is to avoid post-processing or photo-shopping the image so I will work on lighting next. Any tips to share?

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