Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remembering Liberty

1820 Large Cent Matron Head (Large Date)
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If you remember 1947, you remember the last time Lady Liberty was featured on the obverse of a new circulating US coin. The coins of our country's first 150 years featured several artist's representations of Liberty. There was Seated Liberty, Standing Liberty, Walking Liberty, even Winged Liberty. However, not all of the depictions were
especially attractive.

As the nation's mint technology improved, Americans enjoyed increasingly beautiful representations of Liberty. The last, and in my opinion most striking, was the portrait of Teresa de Francisci, designed by her husband, Anthony de Francisci for the Peace Dollars of 1921 to 1934*.

1934 Peace Dollar portrait of Teresa De Francisci
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Today, as President Lincoln begins his second century on the cent, we have fully embraced the cult of the presidency with only presidents and an occasional nod to historic figures on our circulating coins. I look forward to the day when Liberty returns to our coins. Not simply the restrikes of previous designs but new designs by new artists that reflect our country's continued passion for liberty.

*Yes, 1947 saw the last Walking Liberty but that design was created in 1916.

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