Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catch and Release for Coin Collecting

Does this sound familiar? I recognize a Lincoln wheat cent in change and immediately put it aside. Later I check the date and condition only to find that it's a rather common 1950's wheat cent. I already have a better example of that date in a Dansco album so I stash the new find with the other unremarkable cents and nickels I've found over the years. After all, it is a wheat cent, right?

Coin collecting needs catch and release. There are young collectors out there for whom a 1950's wheat cent is not common. They have an opening in their folder that needs to be filled and those old wheat cents will do more for our hobby in their folders than they will stuffed away in a box. So take a look in that jar of misfit coins that you've kept forever and spend some of them. Yes, even the s-mints. Put some 1940's nickels into a vending machine. Replenish the numismatic waters!